If your puppy is being shipped…
1.) Call your airport on arrival day to ensure the flight is on schedule and also to request        

exact directions for where in the airport to pick him up.  Arrive early –Puppy will want out of his kennel  to
give you kisses as soon as possible.

2.) Things to take to the airport with you:    

1. Leash and harness to fit puppy, ask me for puppy’s chest measurement so it will fit properly.  He will
need to be walked before you leave the airport to potty and also for the exercise.

2. Food and water dishes, a bottle of your water—Puppy’s food will be attached to the top of crate.  Offer
the puppy food and water.  He will be thirsty and hungry after the long trip.

Give him about 1 inch of Nurtistat

If puppy does not eat , when you get home mix about 2 Tbs Royal Canine puppy food with about 2Tbs of
Royal Canine puppy canned dog food and Provide a quiet spot for the puppy to eat and drink.

3.     A clean towel or blanket for Puppy’s crate.  It has been a long day for puppy and he may have had an
accident in the crate, so the shredded paper may need removed and the blanket used in the crate on the
way home.  

2.) Be sure to take your photo ID and flight airbill number, as you will be required to show proof of identity
to claim your puppy. Your ID must match the name shipped to.

3.) When your puppy arrives,  the shot record will be in the airline’s envelope with the airbill or taped to the
cage.  Be sure that you do get these papers from the airline..I will mail registration paper if applicable
through USPS.

4)***Please call me and let me know that Puppy has arrived safely and is in your care.  

Phone number cell 903-249-9360. Leave a message if I don't answer.***

5.) It is very important to gently introduce your baby to family members and her/his new environment.  
Provide some down time and allow your puppy to get  acquainted with new faces and new places at his/her
own speed.

6.) Limiting over handling, visitors, and outings the first few weeks after arrival is very important.  Although
your puppy has had his first shots,  he is not fully protected from Parvo, Distemper, ect  until he has had
his 12 week and 16 week shot.  Especially if there are children in the family,  limit playtime  so that puppy is
resting  or has quiet time at least half of the time. Puppies are like babies—they need time to rest and
recharge and a lot of TLC.

7.) Providing access to food and water 24/7 is a must for your new puppy at first. Keep water and dry food
out all the time in an area he can find it easily..

Energy is stored in the liver and tiny puppies have super tiny livers!  Therefore, they need the opportunity
to eat frequently in order to restore their energy and to preventlow blood sugar, (hypoglycemia). Give
puppy about 1/2 inch Nutrical morning and evening for the first week to keep sugar levels up. See web site
for important information on preventing and recognizing symptoms of hypoglycemia.  IF YOUR PUPPY

8.) Consider arranging your schedule to allow for some extra free time for the first few days after the
puppy arrives.  This is a period of adjustment for the puppy and you will want to be with him to be sure he
eats and to get a good start on house training.

9) Remember, you can call me if you have any questions about your new puppy's care.

Please send pictures and updates on how your puppy is doing .   I love to keep in touch.
:: Almost on the plane to Florida::
The Big Trip
Shipping is additional, please e-mail for quote. It includes everything your new puppy will need for a safe &
happy trip. Vet health exam, new crate, puppy pack of information and sample of your puppy food & coupons.
New toy, if it is a tiny puppy it will have a tube of Nutria-Stat, Hair bows if possible, sometimes clothes or collars
depending on the weather and the puppy. Above I have placed a picture of an example of what you get when
you ship your puppy .
Wendys Yorkies, Animal Breeders, Blossom, TX